Land Record


A dynamic and professional organization that delivers excellent land governance services and provides reliable land information for the nation’s well being.


  • Manage, regulate and administer the ownership and use of land.
  • Guarantee the security of land tenure.
  • Ensure easy access to reliable land information.
  • Render effective and efficient public services.

Brief Summary  

Land Record Sector is a public service provider in the local government to fulfill the mandates of the commission which is aligned with the National objectives and plans. The sector moves beyond mapping, cadastral surveying and land registration.


The department of Survey & Land Record office was established under the Ministry of Finance in 1967 and in 1972 the office of the Chief of Survey was established. Later the Department of land record and survey was placed under the Ministry of Agriculture. However, after the enactment of land Act of Bhutan 2007, the National Land Commission was established as National Land Commission Secretariat under the Royal command.

Earlier in the Dzongkhag level, Land Record Sector consisted of Land Record Assistant and Surveyor. Later on Dzongkhag Land Record Sector was constituted by Land Record Officer. In line with the Human Resource exercise of HR Division of Royal Civil Service Commission, the staffing pattern of Land Record Sector has revised to the post of Land Record Officer, Land Record Assistant, Surveyor, Land Inspector and Survey field Assistant. In 2014, the New Lagthram compilation of National Cadastral Resurvey Program (NCRP) has been issued as per the Royal Command from the 5th Druk Gyalpo. In 2016, a web based online system (eSakor) of land transaction was developed to access land information and transaction from any internet facilitated places.  Therefore, today Dzongkhag Land Record Sector is mobilizing on full swing of transaction with the improved quality services.