Dasho Dzongdag visited Kengkhar Middle Secondary School

17 April 2024





On 16th April 2024, Dasho Dzongdag visited Khengkhar Middle Secondary School, accompanied by PDEO, and Dzongkhag Officials. Dasho granted an audience to the students and students and staff of the school along with teachers of Udaric Primary School. This visit marked a pivotal moment for the school community as Dasho engaged in an audience with teachers and students, imparting invaluable wisdom and guidance. He stressed on the importance of discipline and hardwork, urging everyone to align their efforts towards fulling the aspirations of His Majesty the King. He emphasized on the significance of Gross National Happiness ( GNH) and the pursuit of its four pillars, highlighting the pivotal role education plays in achieving holistic societal well- being.

Furthermore, he shared insights about the upcoming Gelephu mindfulness city, shedding light on its potential impact and opportunities for all Bhutanese citizen. Dasho emphasized need of teachers and students alike to strive for academic excellence in this 2024 academic year.

Dasho’s visit concluded with a renewed sense of purpose and determination as the Khengkhar Middle Secondary school pledged to uphold the values of discipline, hardwork, and commitment towards realizing the vision set forth by His Majesty the King and advancing the principals of GNH.