Roles and Responsibilities

The Planning Unit is responsible for the following tasks:

  1. Provide strategic policy guidance related to overall Local Government’s long-term objectives in line with national objectives;
  2. Coordinate preparation, implementation, review and reporting on Five-Year Plans, Annual Plans and Budgets for respective Local Governments (District & Counties) in line with national objectives;
  3. Coordinate preparation, implementation, review and report on Annual Performance Agreement and Targets for the Dzongkhag Sectors and Gewog Administrations;
  4. Monitor, review and provide both physical and financial progress of plans and programs regularly, quarterly, mid-yearly and annually and submit periodic progress reports to Gross National Happiness Commission;
  5. Coordinate and conduct Mid-year, Annual, Mid-term and Terminal Review of plans and programmes and carry out follow up actions;
  6. Liaise with Central Agencies, Dzongkhag, Sectors, Local Government Offices and Regional Offices with regards to overall Dzongkhag’s priority objectives to build synergy, collaboration and teamwork in the Dzongkhag;
  7. Carry out research, studies and rapid assessment on local emerging issues and recommend policy options;
  8. Facilitate, address and debottleneck issues related to local planning and plan implementation;
  9. Be the focal point for Resource Allocation Framework, Planning Frameworks, Gross National Happiness, and cross sectoral themes like Sustainable Development Goals, Gender, Poverty, Climate, Environment, Disaster etc.; and
  10. Perform other works as assigned by Parent Agency (Gross National Happiness Commission and Dzongkhag/Thromde administration. 


Additional Responsibilities

  1. Focal Person, Government Performance Management System (GMPS)
  2. Focal Person, Global Environment Facility (GEF-LDCF) Projects
  3. Focal Person, Tourism Council of Bhutan/Tourism Flagship Program
  4. Focal Person, Ministry of Labour & Human Resources (MoLHR)
  5. Focal Person, Ministry of Economic Affairs (MoEA)
  6. Focal Person, Royal Monetary Authority (RMA)
  7. Focal Person, Global Environment Facility (GEF), UNDP
  8. Focal Person, Civil Society Organization Grant, HELVETAS
  9. Registrar, Dzongkhag Cooperatives Registrar
  10. Member Secretary, Mainstreaming Reference Group (MRG)
  11. Member Secretary, Internal Review Committee for Annual Performance Agreement (IRC-APA)
  12. Member, Dzongkhag Finance Committee (DFC)
  13. Member, Dzongkhag Environment Committee (DEC)
  14. Member, Town Development Committee (TDC)
  15. Member, Dzongkhag Disaster Management Committee (DDMC)
  16. Member, Dzongkhag Human Resource Committee (DHRC)
  17. Member, JICA- Local Government Support Program
  18. Member, Beautification Group
  19. Member, Dzongkhag Multi-Sectoral Task Force