• To guide long-term sustainable socio-economic development and strategies
  • To spearhead five year and annual planning and guide public policy formulation
  • To ensure that GNH principles are mainstreamed into plans and policies in cognizance of regional and international commitments
  • To mobilize adequate resources on a timely basis and ensure equitable and efficient allocation
  • To monitor, facilitate, and coordinate implementation of policies, plans and programs for effective delivery
  • To evaluate polices, plans and programs on a timely basis and provide feedback and undertake corrective action.

Core Functions of DPU:

  • Facilitate formulation of plans and programmes at Dzongkhag level;
  • Coordinate and supervise the implementation of development activities at dzongkhag level;
  • Coordinate and conduct mid-term meetings and carry out follow up actions on policy recommendations;
  • Carry out review and evaluation of Dzongkhag plans and programs;
  • Lead the monitoring and evaluation teams during the field visits;
  • Initiate and carryout cross sectoral coordination meetings;
  • Undertake correspondence with sectors/dzongkhags related to plan programmes and projects;
  • Coordinate AWP progress report submission;
  • Present bi-annual and yearly progress report to DT.

Additional Works:

  • Tourism Focal Person
  • FIL Member
  • CSO Grant (HELVETAS) Focal Person
  • Steering Committee Member to Local Government Sustainable Development Program (LGSDP)
  • APA Focal Person
  • IRC for APA Evaluation