5th June, 2018 World Environment Day. Theme: Beat Plastic Pollution

Tue, 05 June 2018
Mongar, Bhutan

The day was started by a photo session of all the participants for street walk with the banner, followed by a short talk by Hon’ble Dasho Dzongdag on importance of the day and how we should be responsible for preserving environment as a citizen of Bhutan.

Led by Dasho Dzongdag, Dasho SP and Dasho Dzongrab, a total of 132 of us including 47 students from Nature club of  Mongar lower Secondary School, started the street walk with the banner reading , “World Environment Day, 4th/5th June, 2018, Lets beat plastic pollution by segregating our waste by reusing, reducing and recycling the plastics”.

While walking down the town, we stopped at Royal Bhutan Police Office, and Dasho gave a short talk followed by demonstration of plastic waste storage by Mr. Tshultrim Palden M/S WeCare (a Private waste Management firm based in Mongar).

After talking to the RBP families, the walk was resumed and started walking down the street, and cheering, “རང་གི་ཕྱགས་སྙིགས་  རང་གི་འགན་ཁུར། རང་གི་ཕྱགས་སྙིགས་  རང་གི་འཐུ་དགོ། to reach this important social message to public.

The group stopped at Children’s park where we had meeting with the business community, more than 90 shopkeepers were present. Dasho Dzongdag gave a talk to business community about the importance of the day and shared an idea how we can store the pet bottles in minimum space followed by Mr. Tshultrim Palden’s waste management ideas and plastic waste storage.

At the end of the programme, led by Dasho Dzongdag, a pledge to segregation and beat plastic pollution hereafter was  signed by the people of Mongar.

pictures of the day can be found in gallery or Click Here for the images on World environment day.