Opening of Nature Based Recreational Park at Rechanglu

06 June 2024



Nature Based Recreational Park at Rechanglu was opened to the public from 6th June onwards in presence of Dasho Dzongdag, Dasho Drangpoen, Project Manager from UNDP/GEF Ecotourism Project, officials from Department of Tourism, Chief Forest Officer and Forestry Officials from Monggar, Gup of Saling gewog, Regional heads and the people of Lingmethang.

This Recreational Park is handed over and will be operated by the Youth Group of Masang-Daza village consists of 5 member as of now. The Recreational Park consists of Trekking and cycling, Zip line, Hot stone bath, sky walk, tent and campfire facilities, cafeteria and a wonderful place for picnic and other recreational activities.

Nature Based Recreational Park was developed by the Monggar Forest Division in collaboration with the Dzongkhag and is a part of UNDP/ GEF Ecotourism Project “mainstreaming biodiversity conservation into tourism sector in Bhutan” being implemented by the Department of Tourism, Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Employment.