Bazaguru Dungdrub and Moenlam Chenmo for Mongar Dzongkhag.

11 March 2019


The Mongar Rabdhey led by Venerable Lam Neten, Khenpos, Lopons and monks of the Dratshang, Shedras and Gomdheys will be performing three days Bazaguru Dungdrub coinciding with the 05th day of the 2nd Bhutanese month w.e.f. 11th till 13th March 2019. Consequently, annual Moenlam Chenmo to be performed from 14th till 19th March 2019 for six days. Hundreds of devotees in and around Mongar has gathered to recite and accumulate Bazaguru Dungdrub.

The Bazaguru Dungdrub and Moenlam Chenmo is performed annually hereafter mainly to pay humble prayers and wishes for the well being of the Country, King and the people.