Larjab Drakar Choeling


Surrounded by alpine forests and mountains, Larjab Drakar Choeling Lhakhang in Yakpogang, Mongar gewog, was built sometime between 1701 and 1707 by Drupthob Kuenzang Chophel, a disciple of the 9th abbot of Bhutan, Je Khenpo Shakya Rinchen. Larjab literally means “behind the mountain”. It is said that at the spot where the temple was built, Drupthob Kuenzang Chophel subdued an evil spirit which had assumed a human form. It is said the temple was miraculously built by sky dancers (dakini), empowered by Drupthob’s wisdom. Resembling a Rhino’s Horn, the temple is said to have been built with small pebbles at the bottom (foundation), with bigger boulders used as the construction grew in height. Over the years, given its sanctity, the temple attained a special status as the “Taktshang of the east”. Today, the monastery has a Drubdey (a retreat for meditation) for lay monks established by Gyeltshen Truelku. The Larjab Drakar Choeling is reachable by a day-long hike.