Million Fruit Tree Plantation.

05 February 2023


The Second phase Million Fruit Tree Plantation for Mongar Dzongkhag and replacement for first phase was launched on 5th February, 2023 coinciding with 7th Birth Anniversary of HRH the Gyalsey.

The MFTP program started with Lhabsang Thruesel ceremony for seedlings at the Dratshang Kuenrey which was presided over by Ven. Lam Neten followed by inaugural plantation of seedling by Hon’ble Dasho Dzongdag in the presence of Dasho Drangpon, Dasho SP, Dasho Dzongrab, Mongar Gup, relevant heads of agencies and nearby public at Kedhekhar.

For Mongar Dzongkhag all replacement seedlings for 1st phase were received and ferried to all 17 Gewogs by deploying gewog utility vehicles. For the second phase we just received almond as of now. For the second phase Temperate Region, a total of 75 DeSuups were deployed for the plantation in various chiwogs and villages of 17 Gewogs under Mongar Dzongkhag. Till now we have distributed 4 types of fruits including the replacement for the first phase as detailed below:

Almond: 4054 Nos.

Pecan-Nut: 6731 Nos.

Walnut: 4465 Nos.

Kiwi: 5507 Nos.

Meanwhile the second phase for Sub-Tropical Region will commence from 04th June, 2023 coinciding with the Birth Anniversary of Her Majesty the Gyaltsuen.