The Livestock Sector functions directly under Dzongkhag Administration, Monggar. Technically the Sector is accountable to Department of Livestock, Central Units and other in line agencies for discharging livestock development activities. The Sectors implements the overall livestock development activities as per AWPB in the Dzongkhag and also provides technical back stopping and conducts monitoring and evaluation of livestock activities in the gewogs. The Sector has Dzongkhag Livestock Officer, Assistant Dzongkhag Livestock Officer at Dzongkhag Head Quarters level, Veterinary Officer at Dzongkhag Veterinary Hospital and Livestock Production Supervisors/Extension Supervisors/Animal Health Supervisor at the Gewog Based RNR-EC (17 Gewogs)


1. Create enabling environment for farmers/entrepreneurs to invest in livestock activities.

2. Enhance income generation capacity of rural communities.

3. Enhance livestock production and productivity.

4. Achieve greater food-security and self-sufficiency in livestock products.

5. Improve the nutritional status of people.

6. Develop appropriate interventions for enhancement of availability of feed and fodder resources.

7. Expand the fodder resource base by integrating fodder, exploring rangelands and leasing in forest land.

8. Implement effective and efficient disease prevention and control programs.

9. Provide superior quality inputs to the farmers.

10. Provide effective breed improvement services.

11. Reduce the population of unproductive cattle the country.

12. Provide interventions to increase production.

13. Organise farmer’s groups, markets and marketing networks.


Coordinate and operate animal health services

Procure and supply breeding stock like bulls, poultry, piglets, stallions etc.

Feed and fodder development services

Supply liquid nitrogen, semen and coordinate AI activities

Processing and marketing of livestock products

Institutional and capacity building of farmers