Geog at a glance

Area: 72 Sq.Km

Population: 3178 (1558 Male and 1620 Female)

Households: 305 nos.

Local Govt:

Sl. No. Designation Name
1 Gup Tashi Dendup
2 Mangmi Pema Gyeltshen
3 Tshogpa (Wamakhar) Karma Wangmo
4 Tshogpa (Pangthang) Pema Tenzin
5 Tshongpa (Shebchi-Yangthang) Tsundu Gyeltshen
6 Tshogpa (Chulibe) Pema Kinzang
7 Tshongpa (Chali) Lhalung
8 Gaydrung Ugyen Tenzin


Civil Servent:

Sl. No. Designation Name
1 Geog ADM Officer Tshering Dema
2 Principal (Chali LSS) Singay
3 Agriculture Extension Officer  
4 Forestry Extension Officer Tashi Gyeltshen
5 Livestock Extension Officer Dawa Tshering
5 Health Assiatant(BHU) Kinley Tshering/ Pema Zangmo


Sl. No Name of School No. of Teachers No. of Students
1 Chali LSS 13 (9 Male & 4 Female) 284 (136 Boys & 148 Girls)



Sl. No Deatils Place
1 Basic Health Unit II Gewog Center (Garwaling)
2 1 Out of reach Clinic Gonpa



Sl. No Name of Important Lhakhang Important Relic/Festival Name of Head Lama Pvt/Community/Rabday
1 Karma Choling Lhakhang Guru Rinpochoe & Chagtong Chentong Khenpo Sonam Tobgay (4 monks) Shedra
2 Tshenphuritho Dendup Choling Lhakhang Toenpa Shacha Thupa   Dubdra


Road Connections:

Sl. No From To High Way GC Road Farm Road>
1 Mongar Gangola 12 Km    
2 Gangola Chali GC   7.85 Km  
3 Thalapang Chali GC     5 KM
4 Wangchabi Karmacholing Goenpa     4 KM
5 Jenshing Gonpa-Khojongla     5.5 Km
6 Nagadama GC Wamakhar     0.6 KM


Economic activities:

Sl. No Agriculture Livestock Other
1 Vegetable, Mandarin Maize (5 farmers group registered with RAMCO) -Poultry 4
-Piggery 4
-Hazel Nut plantation 25.1 acres(12217 trees)
- 2 Community forest groups


RNRC: 1 Centre, Agriculture, Forestry and Livestock extension services are provided from the RNR centers.

Tele-Communication: 100% coverage by both B-Mobile and T-Cell

Electricity: All Chewogs connected